Financing and organizing vacation

The THANKS FOR THE HELP Foundation organizes and finances vacations for organized groups of children and youth up to the age of 18 from all over the world, as well as their guardians, especially from care and educational institutions, orphanages, foster families, living in extreme poverty or refugee camps.

The Foundation can organize or financially support a child’s vacation domestically or abroad, using its own funds as well as through fundraising on the website

Information regarding financing and organizing vacations for children

1/ To apply for funding for a vacation for an organized group of children and youth up to 18 years old, a legal-organizational entity must apply on their behalf, e.g.

Charitable Organization Government Social Assistance Center Religious Organization School City Office State Organization Other organization

2/ After reviewing the application, the Foundation will contact you at the email address provided in the application and will present the possibilities of funding for a vacation for an organized group of children in the form of:

direct financial assistance from the funds collected by the Foundation; conducting a fundraiser for a specific children’s vacation on the Foundation’s website


all tasks related to the vacation and transport are the responsibility of the legal-organizational entity. The Foundation is not responsible for organizing.

The duties of the Group Organizer towards the Foundation include:

presenting a cost estimate related to the trip and vacation; sending a list of participants and guardians; sending information of all entities that will be involved in the organization;

The Foundation will sign an Agreement with the institution organizing the vacation, and all costs will be financed by the Foundation directly to the institutions or organizational intermediaries.


According to the Foundation’s Statute, the vacation can be organized for children and youth who have not turned 18 years old by the day of departure.

The minimum number of guardians must comply with the legal conditions in the country where the vacation is organized. The maximum number of guardians will be determined by the Foundation.

The entity registering the organized group is responsible for meeting the sanitary and epidemiological conditions required for tourists in the given country on the day of departure for the vacation.