Funding for Rehabilitation Equipment and Therapy

If you need financial support for rehabilitation or rehabilitation equipment for your child, regardless of where you live in the world, you can count on the Donors of the THANKS FOR THE HELP Foundation.

The Foundation can financially assist with your child’s rehabilitation in your country or abroad, through the Foundation’s own funds and by raising money on the website

The Thanks For The Help Foundation is a charitable organization that uses the funds of its Donors. Therefore, with our collective well-being in mind, funds for medical rehabilitation or rehabilitation equipment are transferred directly to the account of the Medical Facility where the rehabilitation is conducted, or to the company where the rehabilitation equipment will be purchased.

Information regarding financing and organizing fundraising for rehabilitation purposes

1/ Fill out the financing application.

2/ After reviewing the application, the Foundation will contact you at the email address provided in the application and will present options for financing rehabilitative assistance in the form of:

direct financial assistance from funds collected by the Foundation; organizing a fundraiser for the Beneficiary on the Foundation’s website

Before providing funding, the Foundation will ask you to verify the required rehabilitative assistance by providing documents such as:

a) photo/scans of identification;

b) scans of medical documentation, e.g.,

hospital discharge summary, medical certification, disability determination, disability certificate

c/ photos of the person in need and your own text, which will be posted on the fundraiser with a request to Donors;

d/ a cost estimate for the child’s treatment issued by the medical facility where the child’s treatment will be conducted. e.g., estimate, invoice.


To apply for funding or to organize a fundraiser for rehabilitation purposes, the legal guardian of a sick child in need of support or possessing a disability certificate can submit a request.

Funding or conducting a fundraiser is free of charge. When the Foundation conducts a fundraiser for a specific beneficiary, an additional 6% is added to the required funding amount, which constitutes a donation for the Foundation’s statutory purposes.

The „Thanks For The Help” Foundation allows for fundraising on another crowdfunding platform. The most important thing is to collect the entire amount for the treatment as quickly as possible. Remember that the „Thanks For The Help” Foundation transfers the money directly to the center where the treatment will be conducted. If funds are raised faster through other charitable entities, we can allocate the funds for further rehabilitation and continued treatment. We can also combine funds from another foundation, as the most important thing is that we act for the common good.

The „Thanks For The Help” Foundation will notify you about the start and end of the fundraising via email to the address provided in the application.

You can contact the Foundation through CONTACT.