I help as a famous person


STARS & SOCKS is an original project owned by the „Thanks For The Help” Foundation, which involves building a sock brand in collaboration with celebrities/famous individuals.

If you are:

  • an actor
  • a musician
  • an athlete
  • a blogger
  • a popular person

The STARS & SOCKS project is directed at you. Your fame can help us achieve the Foundation’s goals of supporting children worldwide. Our sock brand, STARS & SOCKS, involves using your Surname or Pseudonym on the socks under our own graphics and the Foundation’s brand – STARS & SOCKS based on terms agreed upon by both parties.

The terms of using your Surname or Pseudonym can be as follows:

1/ Free utilization for the benefit of the STARS & SOCKS project;

2/ A percentage share in the profits from the sales of STARS & SOCKS clothing;

3/ Donating a portion of the profits to another Foundation of which you are a Patron.

Thanks to you, the Foundation can build its independence and provide even more support!

We base our sock sales on our own graphics, but we are open to suggestions from those collaborating with the STARS & SOCKS project. We want everyone involved in the project to be satisfied in realizing such a noble endeavor.

We plan to launch the sale of the STARS & SOCKS brand socks through franchises in large shopping centers worldwide.

Information about the STARS & SOCKS offer will be published on the Foundation’s website at www.starsandsocks.com

If you are interested in collaborating with the STARS & SOCKS brand, please reach out to us through CONTACT.

The Foundation will get in touch with you to discuss the details.