Financing medical equipment

The „Thanks For The Help” Foundation organizes financial fundraisers for medical facilities, especially in countries with insufficient medical care for children.

If you are a Medical Facility providing health services that are public or in which the majority shareholder is a governmental or local government body, you can count on the support of the „THANKS FOR THE HELP” Foundation’s Donors.

The Foundation can support the Medical Facility through its own Foundation’s funds and by raising money on the website

The „Thanks For The Help” Foundation is a charitable organization and relies on donor funds. Therefore, keeping our common good in mind, funds for the purchase of medical equipment are transferred directly to the account of the company selling the medical equipment.

What requirements must be met for the Foundation to finance or organize a fundraiser for medical equipment:

1/ The Medical Facility must provide health services for children within the Public Health Care system or in the form of Charitable Medical Care.

Definition of „Public Health Care” – provision of services directly by the governmental or local administration, or indirectly by financing private entities through the governmental or local administration, providing a specific medical service.

2/ The request for financial assistance and organization of a fundraiser for the purchase of medical equipment must be properly submitted.

3/ Scans of statements or documents that the Foundation requests should be sent via correspondence.

4/ Depending on the needs, the Foundation will finance the purchase of medical equipment or create a fundraiser for the Medical Facility.

5/ Before transferring the medical equipment, the Medical Facility commits to signing a clause with the following conditions:

  • The donated item cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • The donated item must be continuously used, especially for the treatment of children and adolescents for whom it was intended.
  • The donated item must remain in the Medical Facility to which it was given and cannot change its original location without the Foundation’s consent.
  • Without the Foundation’s consent, the donated item cannot be transferred in any form to a third party (e.g., another Medical Facility).
  • The beneficiary must indicate a state office that will undertake the responsibility of monitoring the proper use of the medical equipment on behalf of the „Thanks For The Help” Foundation.