Heart NFT

Crypto Helps is a digital talisman that bridges two worlds: children in need of assistance and kind-hearted individuals who cannot remain indifferent to human suffering. The CRYPTO HELPS token embodies pure goodness, positive energy, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. By purchasing the CRYPTO HELPS token, you donate money towards a noble cause. It represents the kindness you’ve shared, and at the same time, the joy, happiness, and love that, thanks to your generosity, remain with you.

94% of the amount obtained from the sale of the CRYPTO HELPS token is allocated for the Foundation’s statutory purposes. 6% of the amount relates to the Foundation’s administrative activities.

An NFT token (Non-Fungible Token) is a type of digital asset commonly referred to as an NFT, based on the cryptographic technology of Blockchain. Each individual NFT token is unique and distinct – this means it’s assigned to a single owner, making it their digital property recorded in the cryptographic space. An NFT can represent both tangible and intangible items. Currently, within the realm of NFTs, we find digital artworks, collectible cards, and music. It’s a very young industry and is continuously evolving.